At Techno Age IT Solutions we really understand Small to Medium Business, and the unique challenges faced by business owners and operators.  Much of our experience and expertise has been gained in managing corporate IT needs, so we have a range of technical skills, depth of business understanding and level of professionalism that you won’t find in many other IT companies serving the SMB space.

We also understand that although many SMB may not have their own dedicated IT manager or department, their IT needs are just as crucial – in fact sometimes more so – as those of big business.  Time is money, and when you’re spending time managing IT issues, you’re not focused on your business.

We understand that:

· You may have an IT manager, but not enough resources or    capabilities to get beyond managing day-to-day issues to where you need to go.

· Your IT needs change as you grow, and are not always predictable, so you don’t have the time or capabilities to manage this critical area.

· IT costs that are unpredictable and fluctuate month-to-month can create an added headache, adding to critical cash flow stress.

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